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  • Ho do I order CopperHead Bullets? Return to top of page

Go to the Bullet Info page to see the bullet details and links to order your preferred quantity.

  • Which bullet do you recommend? Return to top of page

The preferred bullet depends on the your type of barrel and reamer. Please email Ken or give me a call with the details of your rifle and I can advise on the best bullets for you.

  • Are the bullets moly coated? Return to top of page

The bullets are not normally moly coated but if required, moly coating is available at an extra cost of $25 per 1000. Minimum order for moly coated bullets is 1000. Please specify moly coating when ordering

  • What is the minimum amount of bullets that I can order? Return to top of page

The smallest quantity we sell are:

  • 6mm VLD bullets in boxes of 200
  • 6mm "Match" and "007" bullets in boxes of 250
  • .22 cal bullets in boxes of 300
  • .22 cal VLD bullets in boxes of 200
  • .30 cal bullets in boxes of 200

    Can I get a discount if I buy a larger quantity? Return to top of page

Our pricing has changed very little over recent years. My costs continue to increase, however, I am dedicated to providing not only the best bullets, but doing so at an affordable cost. Inevitably our pricing must go up in the future, but I will do whatever possible to minimise increases in pricing.

We try hard to provide an affordable, quality product, and based on our hand crafted, limited production capabilities, can discount them no more.

You can however save money on postage and handling on larger orders.

  • What is the cost of postage and handling? Return to top of page

I have tried to keep the postage and handling costs to a minimum with a simple flat fee structure. The more bullets I ship at one time, the less it costs.

  • How do I pay for my order? Return to top of page

When your bullets are ready to ship, I will send you confirmation and request payment. The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Direct deposit
  • Cheque
  • Money order
  • Cash (if purchasing at an event)
  • How many bullets do you have in stock? Return to top of page

Quantities held will vary according to demand, and the availability of premium components. I recommend that shooters place orders well in advance of major shoots to avoid disappointment.

  • How long before my bullets are shipped? Return to top of page

When you place your order, I'll reply to you with an expected delivery date. However, you can typically expect to 3 to 4 weeks, but it can be longer. It really depends on supply of materials and how many shooting events are on at the time.

The best plan is to order ahead of time. A 6 week lead time is excellent.

  • Do you ship outside Australia? Return to top of page

Overseas shipping depends on exchange rates, shipping costs and export/import regulations. Please email Ken to discuss.

  • How quick will you reply to my email?Return to top of page

We are a small company with limited people. The very nature of our production methods necessitates that I use my time effectively. I appreciate all communications from my customers. E-mail will normally be answered only once daily Monday-Friday. Please don't expect an immediate response, but I will do my best to get back to you promptly.

If the matter is more urgent please call (See About Us for details).


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